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Medical University of Lodz
On December 13, 2018 the Medical University of Lodz organized Ideas by Design Competition within Shape U Up. Five hundred students participated in the event. The event was conducted by design thinking method and the main purpose was to increase the innovative potential and the promotion of design thinking among students. Participants worked in groups. Twenty four ideas were selected to the second stage from fifty six proposals. The second event was organized on December 21, 2018. Participants recorded short promotional films with their innovative ideas. Students were awarded for the most interesting ideas and they received books about startups and games developing entrepreneurship.

Winning ideas:


Universitat de Barcelona
1º Ideas by Design Competition: Innovation Day Barcelona at UB

The winning team had the opportunity to participate in the i-Day Winners’ Event that will take place on December 11th & 12th in London, with travel and lodging expenses covered.

2º Ideas by Design Competition: Students of University of Barcelona
* Cooking recipes app and count steps. Exchange points for recipes and weekly steps.
* Stress management, self-esteem, love as one is, helps the definition of one’s personality through yoga, zumba, physical activity.
* Gamified training, role-playing games and escape room on how to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
* Ergonomics, exercise and dynamics of classes for the improvement of health during classes.
* Educational strategies of work by projects to improve the quality of life of the university students: state of mind, capacity of organization, mindfulness, physical activity.
* Holistic and integrated activities to improve the organization of time, reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem: use social networks, training on improving rest, physical activity, mindfulness, study techniques.
* Approach to alcohol consumption: educational workshops through virtual reality, testimony of people affected by the consumption of alcohol.
* Everything is love: love you to love, know your emotions, safe sex, types of emotional and sexual relationships, promote sexual self-knowledge.
* App for healthy and simple cooking recipes for university students: a weekly challenge with a prize for the best recipe.

Challenges proposed at Universite Grenoble Alpes during iDays:

Challenge n. 1: How could IA help elderly to leave home if:
this person has visual problems
this person has memory troubles
this person has balance disorders
this person has hearing impairments

Challenge n. 2: How could  AI raise awareness, active retirees
in a fun way, by shifting away from the problem of aging?
to anticipate housing problems
to anticipate problems related to transport
to anticipate the loss of autonomy

Challenge n. 3: How could AI offer coaching to develop prevention without being intrusive or
moralizing, boring, repetitive?
To walk more
To eat better
To meet people
To keep benchmarks in time

Challenge n. 4: How could  AI contribute to the respect of an ethical framework?
To give the right to the erasure of personal data
To verify the maintenance of consent sharing information with caregivers or professionals

Challenge n. 5: How could  AI help to use services online without being comfortable / computer / computer savvy digital (or even without being equipped!)?
To use these services And guarantee the good recognition of the user for services confidential (password, etc.)

Challenge n. 6: How could AI help caregivers? (Children, friends, neighbors,  ..) Professional helpers (nurse, …)
Bring more information about needs, difficulties of the person Bring more coordination between caregivers (transmission of information)


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